Is the Nintendo Switch worth it acc. Reddit? Just because of games like Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart I’ve started thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021.

However, as with every device there is a general consensus. I had no idea about the Switch.

I’ve turned to Reddit and asked: Is the Nintendo Switch worth it according to Reddit in 2021.

The answer is obvious but there is one thing to consider.

So, I’ve only checked the most recent posts from 2021. After all, it’s not important what everybody thought about the Nintendo Switch back in the day.

Let’s start with the basics. According to Reddit, the Nintendo Switch is worth it in 2021. And the reason is simple: The exclusive game titles.

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Breath Of The Wild, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, and of course the upcoming sequel Breath Of The Wild 2. These are just a few ones to which every gamer will fall in love.

Oh, and that’s no exaggeration. Ask every gaming fan, no matter if PS5 or XBOX, is Breath Of The Wild really that good. You’ll get an answer like this

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So as you can see, we’ve also automatically answered the question if you need to play other Zelda games in order to enjoy BOTW, the answer is: No, you don’t.

Nintendo Switch.

One important thing to consider is that I haven’t asked the Nintendo Switch Subreddit. The results would be clear then. I’ve asked r/gaming.

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Now, look at the upvotes. I think it’s safe to say, acc. Reddit the Nintendo Switch is worth it in 2021.

What else to be aware of?

Well there is this one important thing: The Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite acc. Is Reddit worth it?

The next question you ask yourself (or Reddit). Is the Switch lite worth it over the classic?

I think these comments are worth a read.

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So, to summarize this. According to Reddit, If you’re planning to play on your TV while keeping the Switch docked, the Nintendo Switch Classic is the way to go. If you keep it handheld, get the Switch Lite and you’ll get an excellent DPad and a more comfortable device to hold.

A New Switch Pro in 2022?

Reddit say’s so, but as a Redditor pointed out rightly, “Rumors are just rumors”. So, while writing this in August 2021, there is no such plan or anything which leads us to a Switch Pro console. It may be true, but at this point we simply don’t know.

It’s not like it will come out in December 2021. Reviewlinko’s recommendation?

Get yourself a Switch Lite. You save money and the upgrade will be much more worth it. That’s of course, only if you can forgo playing the Switch on TV. But other than that, you should be good to go.

Reddit’s opinion on Online Compulsion

The Switch Lite works completely offline, and an Internet connection is not even necessary for the initial setup. You only have to deal with Nintendo’s DRM if you already own a normal Switch and want to synchronize both or use games purchased online on both devices. Then only(!) the second console has to be connected to the Internet.

Conversely, this means that you can simply set up the Lite as the primary console and it will work offline permanently. The “big” Switch at home has permanent Internet access via Wi-Fi as a secondary device, unless you live on the moon.

More Technical Details

Technically, the Lite is identical to its big sister, which means you can use almost all games. Exceptions are four or five games that either only work in the dock or exclusively with jumping controls. The performance is otherwise the same, and that is the main thing. A gyroscope is also on board - it probably looks a bit silly when you contort yourself together with the Switch Lite to solve the corresponding shrines in Zelda BotW (I have fortunately always been alone so far 😇), but it definitely works.

I had concerns about the screen size of only 5.5”, but that has proven to be unfounded. The screen texts of all games tested so far (Zelda, Mario Bros U and Fortnite) were readable without any problems. Furthermore, the picture looks razor-sharp on the smaller screen despite the low 720p resolution. There might be one or two text-heavy exceptions, but you won’t fare any better on the big Switch unless you hang it in the dock.

EDIT: what I find completely lacking everywhere (even in all the “professional” tests) is the fact that you can easily turn the screen zoom on and off by double-tapping the menu button. This zoom feature is very flexible and comfortable and helps out without any problems if something is actually not decipherable. By the way, it also works on the normal Switch.

Keyword dock: the Lite is a Switch, but it cannot switch. There is (still) no way to connect it to the TV in any form. However, it does support JoyCons / external controllers. Nintendo probably doesn’t want to cannibalize the more expensive Switch here. My guess is rather that the Lite is to replace the decrepit 3DS in the medium term.

Most importantly for the near future, The Witcher 3 will do well. I played the PC version via Cloud Gaming in 720p on my old S7 edge (with 5.5” screen) for a while, so 1:1 what the Switch Lite offers size- and resolution-wise, and it worked very well.

Battery Life

The battery life is okay and corresponds exactly to Nintendo’s official specifications: with Wi-Fi and maximum brightness, the device runs out of steam after about 3 to 3.5 hours in Zelda BotW, with flight mode and low brightness, the battery lasts much longer. However, you can easily double that with technically less demanding games. And if you have to take a longer train ride without a charging option (but how likely is that), a power bank will help. You can even manage an overseas flight with it if need be.

The controllers cannot be removed, but the case appears to be made of one piece, which it really is. No glass/metal clunk, but simply colorful (robust, insensitive, easy to clean) plastic. It also feels very comfortable in the hand and doesn’t slip.

The buttons and joysticks are easy to reach, only with oversized hands it gets tight. Especially the Dpad - yes, there is a real Dpad instead of four single buttons - is on the bottom left and causes cramps. However, you can hold the Lite further down with somewhat pointed fingers, which solves the problem and also works surprisingly well for a longer time. The relatively low weight of only 275g (Switch: 398g) is very positive here.

What’s the bottom line? Quite simple: for those who already have a Switch and/or definitely want to play on the TV, the Lite is at most a secondary console. However, if you are looking for a full-fledged mobile console, this is the right choice. If you make your purchase decision with this in mind, you can’t go wrong.

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