It’s been all over the Internet, Apples M1 Macbook is a game-changer. If you’re like me, you might ask yourself, if the M1 is really worth it?

After all, it’s still pretty fresh so maybe problems occur that no one has think of.

Well, in this article, we’ll answer the questions if the M1 Macbook is worth it acc. Reddit.

The M1 Macbook & Reddit

Let’s check a few of the most recent posts one by one.

This question can be answered from many different viewports. For instance, maybe you already have a mac and you wonder if an upgrade is worth it. It also depends on what you’re using the MacBook for, not every software is supported out-of-the-box.

And let’s not forget, there are two M1 MacBooks. The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, which also bares the questions, is the Pro worth the extra $ 300?

First let’s start with the question, is the MacBook M1 really that good acc. Reddit?

I think the most upvoted comment from this post sums it up perfectly.

The M1 is a complete game-changer, memory and performance isn’t what is used to be. YouTube tech channels report that the M1 is a wizard comparing it to Intel. It is a true genereation leap in terms of personal computers.

That being sad, it’s still the first generation and a lot of people on Reddit recommend waiting for the second gen.

As for myself, I’ve dumbed my old MacBook Air from 2019 and got a new M1 and the difference is significant.

So overall, Reddit’s opinion is that the new M1, no matter if Pro or Air is worth it because it’s a true game-changer.

MacBook Air M1 vs Pro Reddit

Now, let’s check out the next question. If you’re planning to get the M1, is the MacBook Air the best bang for your buck?

Well, the thing is the gap between the Pro and the Air hasn’t been that close since ever. But there is still a gap.

Some benefits the Pro has over the Air:

  • Active cooling
  • 2 hour longer battery life
  • A slightly better display (500 nits screen brightness)
  • Touch Bar
  • Speakers have more bass but the volume is higher with the Air.

However, don’t forget the batter life of the MacBook Air is still approx. 10 hours long, the M1 doesn’t need that much cooling and the TouchBar? Well, let’s say a lot of people rather get a MacBook without one.

This top comment from this Reddit post was the reason I got the Air.

Now, it’s up to you. decide for yourself.