Looking for the best gaming monitor? We did as well. So we’ve started checking users chatter and what we’ve found out is that there are some Monitors you should probably focus on.

As always, everyone is looking for a different monitor because everyone has a different budget. So, we’re going to concentrate on different budget types.

Best Monitor Reddit

As always, we’ve tried to check only the most recent posts as of September 2021.

reddit's recommendation for monitors

As it seems, these two monitors are pretty popular. So, let’s check them out and let’s also talk about IPS Glow. That’s something you should be aware of before buying.

LG 27GL950

The LG monitor is a 27-inch 144Hz monitor perfectly fitted for personal use and gaming. It’s an LED monitor with 1ms reponse time and a resolution of 1440p. What a beast.

So, basically the perfect monitor. Here’s the thing you should know.

Backlight Bleeding.

Basically Backlight Bleeding comes from stressing the panel during assembly. If you then check your monitor in a dark room, you’ll prbably able to see green lights in the corners. We’ve tested so many monitors, that we can say that this is very common.

But here’s the deal:

Through the thermal cycles” (warm/cold) over a month, the plastic relaxes and the tension in the frame will get significantly lower. That’s also one of the reasons you’ll hear cracking sound in the beginning.

Here’s an image from a user, just look at the difference:

reddit's backlight bleeding monitor comparison