Looking for an Android Phone in 2021 and can’t find any valuable information on which device is currently the best?

Then you arrived in the right place. We’ve browsed through dozens of Reddit posts to find the best android phone according to Reddit in 2021.

Well, with Android phones is actually not that simple to find the best one since a lot of people are looking for different things, right?

That’s why we’ve written this article in a way so everyone is happy.

Let’s start.

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Best Android Budget Phone acc. Reddit

It’s important that we only check out recent phones. That is why we’ve concentrated on only looking at 2021 posts.

The Motorola G Power

So these are two Reddit posts I’ve found (1, 2)

reddit's recommendation for android phones bduget 1

reddit's recommendation for android phones bduget 2

The Moto G Power is being recommended pretty often for the best budget Android phone. However, who would know that they have lowered the screen size in 2021? So, if you’re able to find one, go get last year’s version.

If 720p is not a problem for you, go get the 2021 version. It’s still an awesome phone.

📱Display 🔋Battery 👾RAM 💰Price
6.4 inch 5000 mAh 4 GB $190

Pro - The Motorola G Power

  • Awesome price
  • Great battery life
  • Extra Storage with SD card
  • fingerprint available
  • headset port

Cons - The Motorola G Power

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connection could be better

The Pixel 4a

Next is the pixel 4a. An awesome phone and according to Reddit one of the best budget phones to get in 2021.

reddit's recommendation for android phones bduget 3

As you can see, the Pixel 4a is a frequent recommendation when it comes to the best Android budget phone on Reddit. Let’s check it out.

What users loved most, was that there is no bloatware on the phone. A lot of times android phones come with a lot of bloatware which you then need to get rid of.

You’ll get a USB-C cable, 6.2” OLED display and even an audio jack.

📱Display 🔋Battery 👾RAM 💰Price
6.2 inch 2800 mAh 6 GB $350

Pro - Google Pixel 4a

  • excellent front camera
  • No bloatware

Con - Google Pixel 4a

  • The front camera lacks quality
  • The battery could be better

Best Premium Android Phone

now, that we’ve seen the budget range, what about premium? A lot of people like different things, so it’s not that easy. However, we’ve tried to find a pattern here.

Here’s one comment we think is interesting.

reddit's recommendation for android phones bduget 4

So, no surprise that we’ve found the iPhone here, right? But what comes as a surprise, is that instead of Xiaomi, LG, Sony or Huawai, we’ve seen the Google’s Pixel flagship and Samsung.

I think the general consensus is that these two phones are pretty much, the best Android phones you can get according to Reddit in 2021.

Here’s the deal.

The S21 case is made up of plastic. Essentially this isn’t a problem but at this price, it might disappoint a lot of users. Another thing users report is that it, gets warm pretty quickly. The reason could be the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic.

Wifi 6 is only available for the ultra models and you can no longer use a memory card.

On the contrary, something which deserves praise is the display. Smooth Gaming at the highest resolution is probably worth something to a lot of people. The display is super bright, and the 120Hz…holy cow.

A huge step from the Samsung S20. The front camera has 10MP and the one at the back goes up to 64MP with the possibility of shooting 8K videos.

The 5nm processor is really amazing. Everything runs very smoothly and the smartphone never reaches its limits. But then again, the previously mentioned slight heat problem on the so great plastic backside….🤮.

Speaker and the battery performance is very good as well.

📱Display 🔋Battery 👾RAM 💰Price
6.1 inch 4000 mAh 8 GB $799